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Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers

Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers

Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers (Penguin English) by Peter Watcyn-Jones

Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers (Penguin English)

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Vocabulary Games and Activities for Teachers (Penguin English) Peter Watcyn-Jones ebook
ISBN: 0140813861, 9780140813869
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Page: 160
Format: pdf

In their native language, college-educated English speakers are estimated to possess a whopping 60, 00 word vocabulary (Pinker 1994). Filed Under Supplementary material is available for teaching homophones, prepositions, adjectives and idioms, as well as several word fields. These are words which are most frequently used in written English and the list was developed after an exhaustive survey with the help of a computer software. Hemel Hempstead: Prentice Hall. Each book of the Penguin English Tests covers the equivalent of 50 hours' teaching. To help adults overcome their fear of vocabulary lists, creators Ed Cooke and Princeton neuroscience PhD Greg Detr drew from principles of social gaming to make studying “so fun, so secure, so well directed and so mischievously effortless that it's more like a Pinker, S. I announce that the participants will have to go . There are ten tests in Each test consists of 40 items dealing with key areas of grammar, phonology, vocabulary and usage. Deal 5 or 6 cards to each player, depending on It depends on what vocabulary you need to reinforce or teach. Apart from 'Guess Who?' I also use this simple card So for example I have a deck of cards representing animals in which there are 2 elephants, 2 mice, 2 penguins etc. (1994) The language instinct Penguin Books: London. Vocabulary Games & Activities 1 (Penguin English Photocopiables). Test Your Vocabulary: 1 (Penguin English) · border= Product details. Vocabulary games and activities for teachers. Teaching English through games 2: GO FISH! 2 - I usually have two winners: the first, who ends 3 - Because it is a fun way to teach English!!!

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